Accessibility Day for London Luton Airport

Air travel remains a minefield for passengers with visual and hidden disabilities. It can be a hit-or-miss experience depending on the airport, the airline and the level of training that staff have undertaken. It seems ridiculous in this day and age that we still have so many problems making transport accessible to everyone, and as NDIS care providers on the Gold Coast, we often see first-hand just how difficult it can be to take a simple journey on trains or planes. There is, however, a glimpse of hope as more airports and airlines are taking steps to ensure that all passengers experience the best service, no matter whether they have a disability or not. 

Luton and EasyJet Lead the Way

Recently the staff at London Luton Airport and EasyJet teamed up to host a day of accessibility. They welcomed a group of passengers who had varying visual and hidden disabilities and showed them how the passenger journey should progress from arrival at the airport to boarding and take off.  Over 40 people attended and were taken on a guided tour with staff from LLA’s Guest Experience, Operations and Security teams. They visited the airport’s facilities, including check-in, a staged security search, a visit to the departure lounge and all the facilities in the terminal. At this point, they were met by EasyJet’s cabin crew volunteers, who demonstrated the boarding process. Staff from Wilson James, who is the special assistance provider for the airport, was also on hand, as were the airport’s fire service, Bedfordshire Police and Menzies Aviation.

Passenger Commitment

London Luton Airports Head of Guest Experience, Clare Armstrong, spoke about the commitment they have made to ensure that no matter what disability or additional assistance requirements a passenger may have, the team at the airport is committed to delivering a flawless service, so they feel supported and confident and know that London Luton Airport offers a safe, friendly and straightforward service. She said she was delighted by the overwhelmingly positive feedback they received from those who attended. It was a chance, she said, for passengers to “familiarise themselves with our facilities will provide reassurance that they can expect a warm welcome and a smooth and stress-free passenger experience each time they choose to travel through our airport.”

Enabling Future Customers

Speaking on behalf of EasyJet, their Director of Airport Operations Hugh McConnellogue said, “EasyJet flies hundreds of thousands of customers each year who require special assistance, and so we know how important it is that our customers feel confident that they’ll be supported when they fly. We are always striving to make travel easy and accessible for everyone and work closely with all our airports, like London Luton Airport and their special assistance teams, to ensure our customers receive the support they need. So we were delighted to be a part of this day, enabling future customers to experience some of the services available to assist them throughout their airport journey, all the way through to boarding their flight. We look forward to welcoming many more passengers on board soon.”

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