Disability and War – The Tragic Reality

War is a common topic of discussion these days. From the conflict in Ukraine to the ongoing
crisis in the Israel-Hamas region, there’s a lot to talk about, and it can be a difficult subject to try
and broach. However, with that being said, it is important to discuss the consequences of war
and try to push for greater awareness surrounding the issues disabled people face when
exposed to the horror of war and the way it can destroy lives.
There are disabled people in every part of the world. These people live in relative peace and
comfort, but war is the great change that everyone else fears. Imagine a bloody conflict sweeps
across the nation. People are being killed in the thousands and it’s getting closer. It’s horrifying,
and you’d be understandably terrified.
The horrible reality of war is enough to upset anybody, but now we face an additional problem.
What happens if somebody is disabled and living in a place where war breaks out? What might
the consequences be for them and their way of life?
Unfortunately, it’s often a very grim situation. People find that when war does start, they are
often the last people to receive attention or support. The able-bodied people are the ones who
are escorted to safety and often flee on foot or in vehicles. It becomes much harder if someone
has a disability which restricts their mobility. It’s also entirely possible that people have their
mobility aids destroyed by the consequences of war. If the building is bombarded by weapons,
then there may be falling debris or simply explosions which leave mobility aids or other vital
healthcare necessities destroyed, and inaccessible.
These are some of the hidden consequences of war which people don’t think about. It’s very
normal for people not to consider the impact that war might have on someone with a disability,
and we consider this to be one of the great failings of modern society. More often than not,
people have a disability which requires specific healthcare and support in order for them to lead
normal lives. Are we suggesting that we have to simply abandon these people in a conflict?
Should they not receive priority status when focusing on evacuation or aid?
We feel that there should be disability aid brought to every country which is undergoing a war.
Any time there is a crisis, there should be mobility aids and vital medication delivered and made
freely available to anybody who might need them. There should be specific rescue parties with
equipment designed to help people who have mobility problems or other disabilities and get
them to safety.
We have a moral and ethical obligation to protect people who have a disability and give them
the support that they need. These individuals should always have access to the support that
they deserve, and we should make it our mission to try and help them wherever possible.

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