The Importance of Respite Care for Participants and Families

Respite is a vital part of disability services on the Gold Coast. Whether it is needed as an emergency provision or booked in advance, respite is essential for both the person using the service and their carers. As an NDIS registered provider, we understand both the joy and strain caring for a loved one can bring. A change of scene and break from routine is also essential for the mental health and wellbeing of the person needing care. 

Carer Respite 

It is natural to want to step up and care for a family member who finds themselves in need, but this is unpaid care work that is often juggled into everyday life. The commitment of the day job, running a house and looking after children fill most people’s schedules, so by caring for a family member, the task list is stretched further. There is only so long anyone can go on running flat out before they break, and respite is designed to make sure that doesn’t happen. Although carers often feel guilt about using respite service, it is actually vital that they do take a break. A carer needs time to themselves to nap, see a movie, go on holiday, or just to stop and breathe. We actively encourage unpaid family carers to plan regular respite time, as the benefits are so abundant for both them and their loved ones.

Participant Respite 

It is also incredibly beneficial for the person with care needs to have a break and change of scenery. Feeling like a burden can leave people depressed, and although you know your family are doing their best, it is easy to become irritated with your care needs and vent this frustration on them. Respite is provided by our NDIS support workers, and they understand how it feels. Whether you come for a few hours or a few weeks, we support all of your care needs and provide a relaxing, restful atmosphere to recharge. If your carer is taken ill or suddenly unable to provide their usual care, we also cater for emergency respite, and we welcome you with open arms. Our support workers are delighted to step into the gap and provide care while your carer recovers. 

Respite is Always Positive 

Family carers often express guilt about taking time out for themselves, but this is something we discourage. It is vital for all parties to be able to change up routines, experience different settings and spend time with new people. A lot of our clients love coming for their respite sessions as it expands their social circle and brings new conversation topics to the family when they return. Caring is emotionally and physically draining, and acknowledging that is not a failure or a reflection on how much you care about your loved one. Like any role, from time to time, we need to take a break and rest. So, never feel guilty or sad; your loved one is in the safest of hands and will have a wonderful time while you take a well-earned break. 

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